With the new Modern Libraries, it is quite a jump for many power users and administrators. In order to make it is easy to find all these usability changes, I am trying to list them here..

Note: I might post more of these changes when I come across them.

  1. NO Ribbon – The top ribbon is not anymore.
  2. List/Library name location – The Library/List name has shifted position from the top banner to inside the page which changes the focus from Library name (earlier) to team name (present). Strangely, neither the team site name nor library name are hyperlinks unlike before.
  3. No Edit Page option for views – The edit page option is missing on the list views which is available in classic view. I have yet to find a way around it still.
  4. Edit the view in-place and save it – Now you can move columns across the page while on the view and change the order. After done, just save the view by clicking on the top right menu (it even highlights a change).saveviewcolumnsoptions
  5. Pin to the Top – Pin important documents to the top of the library. Makes it’s easier to find them doesn’t it 🙂pintotop
  6. Dynamic Filters for views – Customized views now allow filtering on them. It can be found with the filter icon on the right.libraryfilters
  7. Create Flow and Powerapps forms directly from the list menuFlowAndPowerapps.png
  8. Re-arrange columns on the fly on a view.arranging-columns
  9. GroupBy option now with columns names for selected column types.
  10. List/Library Settings moved to settings option on the toplistsettingslocation
  11. Recent Activities – Now you can see the recent updates/changes on the libraries/list on the view without an audit report. recentactivity
  12. Resizable columns – Now the columns can be resized but they don’t save on saving the view. So you might have to do it every time you hit the page/view.


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