— Updated 14 Jun 2017 – Added more scripts below (blue color) —

Recently working on a SharePoint 2010 to Online migration project, many PowerShell scripts were helpful for analyzing the SharePoint environment. Below are a list of those. I will be adding more when I built them, so that it is easy to find and run them. This is also helpful for analyzing your on-prem environment.

The Scripts can be found here in the github folder for reference – https://github.com/AsishP/SharePointOnPrem/tree/master/PowerShell

  1. Find Large Lists
  2. Export Site Collection Features
  3. Exports Web Features
  4. Check Windows vs Claims Authentication
  5. Check Language Packs
  6. Get the count of webs in a Site Collection
  7. Get list of all Web parts on sites and web
  8. Get web sites with last modified date information
  9. Get details of External Lists and BDC connections
  10. Get Empty SharePoint groups
  11. Get Broken Inheritance report
  12. Get Documents Greater than 50 MB
  13. Check Orphaned SharePoint Users (users who don’t exist in AD)
  14. Delete Orphaned SharePoint Users 
  15. Get Entries from SharePoint Audit Log
  16. Get last accessed documents from Document libraries

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