If you are a regular user of OneNote like me, then you would be working on it all the time i.e. on Laptop, on Phone and on browser. The device independant feature of OneNote works quite good for me as I could capture notes during a meeting and look at it anytime anywhere or make rough notes while reading.

However, the mobile apps sometime produce unforeseen challenges for me sometimes as listed below. I suppose these could be common occurances for many.

1. Accidently delete something on Phone while editing and couldn’t undo it instantly.

2. Updated or deleted a note or some content which should have been copied before. This could happen with desktop also.

So, in this blog we would look at options that we can use to recover such information using OneNote recover features.

Quick Undo in iPhone (not on Andriod or Windows I suppose):

If you are on iPhone, then you can quickly undo by shaking your iPhone and clicking undo. This will save some of your precious time instead of looking at the below options.

Page Versions (This is a life saver):

If you are not aware, all your notes in OneDrive are backed up and versionized as soon as they are created. There are also versionized in Office 365 libraries if you have turned on versioning on them (do recommend that !!) . However, they are not easily accessible from the desktop apps or mobile versions.

However, the page versions are not accessible through the desktop or mobile but can be got from the browser. Below are the steps for Onedrive to recover deleted content. The same steps can be followed for SharePoint online.

Recover deleted content on a page

  1. Go to https://onedrive.live.com. Login with your account
  2. Go to Documents folder in One Drive, this is where mostly the one notes are saved
  3. Open the One note where the content is missing and then select the page
  4. Do either option 1 or 2 of the below options
    1. Click on the top ribbon, then select “View” and then select “Page Versions”OneNote_PageVersions
    2. Right click on the page and select “Show Page versions”.OneNote_PageVersions2
  5. It is not possible to restore a old version in One Note, but you could and paste the content from the Old version to the new version and Done!!
  6. This way you could restore your older content

Restore Deleted Notes

  1. For restoring deleted notes, follow the same steps as above till step 3.
  2. Then click on the top ribbon and select Deleted notes.
  3. After opening deleted notes, restore the note that was deleted. Done!!OneNote_DeletedNotes1OneNote_DeletedNotes2


Above we saw how we can restore deleted content in OneNote easily.


  1. i can’t thank you enough for helping me recover a ONE NOTE page I had deleted from my IPhone. Your article was the only one that explained it so I could understand it. Much appreciated.


  2. Brilliant, worked great! This also shows more information than what is shown in the OneNote “Replay” feature, which I found odd, but am very thankful for. 🙂


  3. Thank you so much! Part of the text on a page disappeared and I thought it was lost forever, but I got it back thanks to you!


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