We are working on an auto provisioning process using PnP Provisioning Template. While working on the libraries, we saw a deviation from the default behaviour for “New” Command in Modern Libraries. The new dropdown worked differently after we changed from Default Document type to our Child content type (which inherits from Document Content type). A brief overview of the default new button before and later when a child content type is associated is as below:

 In order to get back the default “New Button” behaviour, we can use one of the below approaches

  1. Single custom content type: Set “Allow Management of Content Types” to “No”. And that’s it !!!
  2. Multiple custom content types: Set the Template path of the child content type to point to Root content type. In case, you have multiple content types or there are requirements for having “Allow Management of Content Types” to “No”, then follow the below steps:
    • Open the child content type
    • Go to “Advanced Settings”
    • Change the template.dotx location to point to the root template document to [site location]/[Library Name]/Forms/template.dotx 
    • Save the changes and it will show the full “New Button” menu again

Hence above we saw how we can reset the New Button on Modern Document libraries.

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