There is only one word to express my feeling after looking at updates from SharePoint Conference 2019 – Wow!! Truly, I may be one of the many who were blown away with the updates from SharePoint Conference this year. So, let’s have a quick look at these quickly, so it could blow you away 🙂

We will start with my favourite SharePoint!!


1. SharePoint URL’s rename BIG One!!!

SharePoint site URL’s can now be updated in place. In other words, we now (after 12 years of wait !!) will be able to rename the site urls. Not only that SharePoint automatically fixes the URL’s but also add redirects to the existing links.

2. SharePoint List copy

Now we could create SharePoint lists from existing lists in Modern or able to import from Excel. Another additional benefit while importing excel is that we will be able to select which columns to import and associate the right data type to it.

3. SharePoint Home Sites

Now we could have SharePoint Site act as the home page of the Intranet instead of the SharePoint landing page. This will be accessible from anywhere in the Office 365 ecosystem using the top header

4. Rich SharePoint forms and column formatting

Now, we could SharePoint that relate data to other information and single location for all information. Also, Quick edit will retain column formatting.

5. External Sharing

We could now provide expiry period for external sharing links. The Site Admins can see the expiring links on the site and can extend it or revoke it. Also, we could bulk edit sites to set external sharing.

6. All Classic feature support in Modern SharePoint Admin Center

All of the classic SharePoint admin center support is now provided in the Modern SharePoint admin center


1. Files tab gets SharePoint look and feel 

Teams Files tab will now have the same look and feel as SharePoint libraries. So the OOB experience such as Sync, Edit, Sorting, Filter, Quick edit and Files that need attention are available. Also, column and row formatting are now supported.

2. SharePoint Tabs in Teams get full experience

Teams Tab which show SharePoint list get the full list and editing experience.

3. File sharing

File sharing in Teams now gets the similar sharing experience as other locations. So, we could set the permissions while sharing the file. We can also now share a file and provide access at the same time in Teams. This prevent any context switching.

5. Full view for webparts 

Teams tab could be expanded now to take full width of the house when needed

Security and Compliance

1. Unified Security experience

The security classifications from security compliance Center now are carried over to SharePoint and all Office products, so no need to worry about to configure SC and Azure information protection.

2. Confidentiality options

We could create confidential labels with specific information about the tag and content marking. Also restrict access to users who can view the document directly

One Drive

1. Request files

This allows to get files from users without actually sharing a link. So provide a temprory access to that shared location

2. Share Files from Office 365 apps

Now we could share files while working in word or excel or powerpoint.

Microsoft Search

1. One Search for all

Microsoft Search is the next gen technology that uses machine learning to help get to information faster and easier. This search is default enabled on all Office 365 Services including SharePoint. In other words, it is linked to all Office apps and Services automatically and provides a consistent experience.

2. New experience Search Results web part

The search results web part now shows contextual results based the location of the search such as SharePoint, Teams or Office apps. Also it has added relevance to content of search. For eg. when searching for a person, other information with the person is also displayed.

3. Adaptive Cards

Adaptive cards provide a rich experience for Search results that allows the search experience to become rich with contextual actions for the results returned. For eg. for a location results it shows a quick map to location or for a document it shows what more can be done with it.

4. Authoritative Result

Admin can configure authoritative sources to show up as primary results when searching for content.

5. Bing Search

When configured, Bing can used to search through enterprise content and show the results on the bing results. This provides an unified experience for users without letting them to leave their context and log into the intranet or office 365 to get to their content.


This year SharePoint Conference was marvellous.. And the above are just highlights there are so many updates which will be providing in the upcoming blogs. So keep an eye for it !!

Happy Collaborating 🙂

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