Issue Description

Recently while creating the Azure Web app bot for a demo, I faced a weird issue when the bot wouldn’t create or give a blank error/issue as per below screenshot. The quick view of the log would bring to attention that that there is an “Ajax extended call failed” issue. Now what doesn the issue mean is another topic, for now lets’ how to fix this.


The cause of the issue is simple, that the LUIS bot service is not enabled on the tenant or some services are not enabled, so causing the bot service to be not able to create the bot and hence throwing an unhandled exception.


The good news the fix is easy. The steps below outline it

1. Set up LUIS service. For this, login to the LUIS service and create a new account. In the inital set-up screen, there is an option to create a trial key or use an Azure service to host the authoring resource. It is upto the user to configure that but as per my recommendation, go for the Azure resource. More details can be found here –

Please note that LUIS is now enabled at three regions so we could login to the respective tenants near to our region. For eg. for australia it is
More informaiton can be found here –

2. After that search for your Microsoft subscription and make sure that cognitive services and Bot services are registered. This can be done by searching for the bot service and cognitive services.

After that please try creation of the Bot again and see if that works.


This would set up the LUIS Web App bot for testing and building. The next steps to provide phrases and intents to train the LUIS model.

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